Art Experiences

Artist In Residence

Each year we invite one of our favourite artists to the park to share their gift. Over three days a work of art, inspired by Cultivate, will be created with your help. Watching the piece become whole is a beautiful thing and one of the most interesting things to see all weekend. In the past we've have Trio Magnus, Mique Michelle, Luke Despatie and Katie Flindall. This year, Cailtlin Taguibau - click to learn more!

Guest Artists

We're always inviting important local artists to showcase their skills in a way that adds to the experience. You could be helping create a large piece or be passively be enjoying an installation that comes together over the course of the weekend. 

Green Wood Art Hive

Green Wood Coalition has been providing feel-good and thought provoking collaborative art to Cultivate Festival since day one. You can count on flower crowns and short-order poetry, plus a few new things this time around.