Fluke Craft

Stepping Stones

Winter is a great time for adventures!


These “stepping stones” offer 5 different options for adding activities to your winter months.


Reach in and choose a coin, (and related instructions) and start yours today!



Tree Task

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature. Even if you live in town, a quick walk will reveal a ton of different tree species. Can you tell them apart? Check our these links and set out to know even more about your own backyard. 


Tree identification with Tree Muskateers

Tree identification with Our City Forest



Treat Task

It's lovely to bake, but even better to bake with intention. Delivering some treats to your neighbours will fill your heart, and theirs. Use an old family recipe, or try one of these for Gingerbread Cookies. You can get all of your ingredients from Suntree Natural Foods Marketplace in Downtown Port Hope. 


Gingerbread Cookie Recipe by Food.com 

Gimme Some Oven - Gingerbread Cookie Recipe


Snowflake Task

Clearly you can make some folds and start cutting. That is so simple and fun! Here are a couple of other ideas that may inspire you to take it to the next level. 


Craft Paper Snowflake by First Palette

How to make Paper Snowflakes by One Little Project




Hike Task

There are many beautiful options in Northumberland for a winter hike. Simply get out there, or use these links for inspiration. 


Discovering and Exploring Northumberland

Hiking Port Hope



Fluke Craft Stepping Stones

Land Art Task

Hopefully we are currently experiencing a winter wonderland. Snow is such a wonder medium for art! Whether you master the simple but elegant snow angel, make an epic fort or simply pile up some snowballs. Winter offers something unique. Get out there and take advantage. Check out these big ideas for inspiration.


Bored Panda - Playing in Winter Time

Simon Beck - Snow Artist

How to Build the Ultimate Snow Fort - Burke BunchTV