Long Table Dinner

The long table dinner has long been praised as the best way to eat. Being amongst friends, family, strangers, whoever, is proven to be good for your health. Sharing a meal helps forge a bond, helps us understand each other and builds empathy. For us it’s  also a celebratory tool. It’s harvest season, we’ve been good to the land, and the land to us. Let’s enjoy it’s splendour and grow together. We’ve got a lot to celebrate! 

Long Table Launch Party!

Date: Friday September 7th
Location: Headwaters Community Farm and Education Centre
Cost: $100 per person, all inclusive
Kids 12 and under are $25
Group Size: Maximum 100
Duration: 6:30 – 10:00pm

The time has come. Cultivate is underway and we are stamping it with something special. Let’s get together and eat! Join us and 8 chefs as we create a feast like no other, celebrating the harvest season in style. Look south over the hills to Lake Ontario and take a deep breathe. Exhale. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for! Let’s enjoy this meal together.

Current chefs/partners include Matt DeMille, Isaac Meadows, Signe Langford, and the fine folks of Headwaters and Foragers Farms. More to come

**Dietary restrictions will be accommodated. Please make a note at checkout.**

**2017 Culinary Event Of The Year**

Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

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