A Festival Of

Food and Drink

Sept 22 – 24 // 2017

Like you, we believe in building community and family through local food, drink, art and culture. Being a good neighbour, friend and family member starts by supporting each other and their efforts to build those things. It’s not easy though and we need each others help!

We are here to help. Through promotion, education and collaboration, Cultivate is helping build a thriving scene and big memories. Our festival happens once a year but we’re working all year long to build connections to food in our community.

As a sign of good faith, when you sign up below, you will get access to recipes from some of Ontario’s best chefs, including Matt DeMille, Signe Langford, Joel MacCharles and more. Not to mention a recipe for Peanut Butter Stew from the one and only Fred Penner.